Dovie's Restaurant, Tompkinsville, Kentucky
           --- OVER 4 MILLION SOLD ---

Actually, nobody knows the exact number of Dovie Burgers sold. Nobody ever thought to count --- who could have imagined that the little restaurant off the beaten path in Tompkinsville would be serving its unique hamburgers for more than 60 years. And besides, the folks at Dovie's weren't interested in counting as much as they were interested in their neighbors and customers.
The Dovie Burger was named Best Hamburger in the State by Kentucky Living Magazine in 2005.  
Dovie's Restaurant, founded by the Moore family shortly before World War II, has become a landmark of southern Kentucky. Customers at Dovie’s, sitting at a horseshoe-shaped bar surrounding the cooking area, may find themselves beside a farmer dressed in bib overalls, a businessman or lawyer, or often a tourist, as Dovie’s reputation for their one-of-a-kind hamburger has spread well beyond Kentucky.
Dovie’s has remained in the Moore family since its founding, and over the years has remained true to its original menu while serving its famous original deep-fried Dovie Burger with special sauce. Today's customers may choose from a simple variety of deep-fried entrées --- burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, ham and cheese, ham and egg, or balogna and egg --- all on a bun, and served up on a sheet of waxed paper, accompanied by coffee or the cola of your choice. 

At Dovie's, so I'm told, you can order your Dovie Burger two ways --- regular or squoze (with the cooking oil squeezed from the burger by pressure from a spatula). Dovie’s, though a treasured southern Kentucky tradition, is admittedly an establishment not often frequented by the calorie conscious consumer.
A few years ago a fellow named Ronald opened a franchise hamburger joint just down the street. The folks at Dovie's never batted an eye. They went right on serving their customers, working toward to the little restaurant's 100-year birthday.

If you're traveling through southern Kentucky, perhaps on your way to Dale Hollow or Cumberland Lake, consider stopping by Dovie's for a burger. They'll be glad to greet you and tell you about Monroe county attractions such as the historic Old Mulkey Meeting House, the Turkey Neck Bend ferry, or the Fountain Run Barbecue Festival. One of their customers might even confide in you with some little-known lore regarding the infamous Confederate renegade Beanie Short.
Dovie's Restaurant    Tompkinsville Kentucky

Dovie's Restaurant    Tompkinsville Kentucky
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